Jul 7, 2014
Zoey Collier

How Anaconda Sports Increased ROI with Amazon Webstore

Anaconda Sports, a leading and established sporting goods dealer in the United States, wanted to simplify the management of the company’s eCommerce website and reduce the cost of driving traffic to it. The time, effort, and expense Anaconda Sports spent to manage an aging eCommerce infrastructure, combined with high and growing costs for online advertising, was eroding the company’s bottom line.

To solve this problem, Anaconda Sports turned to Amazon Webstore to build a full-featured online store that is efficient and easy to maintain, and used Amazon Product Ads to advertise to Amazon.com shoppers—getting more than three times better conversion than with their other online advertising.

Now the company has optimized its online advertising, enhanced customer service, and built an efficient, flexible eCommerce environment that helps it bring in more revenue and increase its return on investment.

“With Amazon Webstore and Amazon Product Ads, we are reaching more shoppers, generating more revenue at a lower cost-per-click, and earning a much higher ROI,” says Rob Meyer, Director of eCommerce at Anaconda Sports.

Learn more about how Anaconda Sports grew their business with Amazon Webstore.

Jul 7, 2014
Zoey Collier

Amazon Webstore Review: Maison Drake

This post is part of a series reviewing new sites launched on Amazon Webstore.

Launched in 2007, Maison Drake began as a passion for superior quality and selection in baby products. With Amazon Webstore, Maison Drake continues to grow its business today by focusing on the latest trends in baby products and providing superior customer service.

Company Name: Maison Drake

URL: http://www.maisondrake.com

Type of Products: Everything baby and child.

  • Navigation made easy. The featured brands and featured categories help customers discover the breadth of product assortment they have to offer.
  • It’s simply beautiful. The site is beautifully designed—the colors, hero images, and overall design look professional and fit their brand story.
  • There’s no guesswork. With the promotions and contact information highlighted at the top of the site, customers don’t have to hunt for promotion codes or how to find help with an order.

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Jun 3, 2014

Don’t Lose Sales over a Lack of Scalability

Black Friday. Flash sales. High profile site launches. These are undertakings that require a stable, scalable, infrastructure for your eCommerce site. You’ll likely be better off selecting an eCommerce platform that can:

Scale for Traffic

When a site is running on an infrastructure that lacks the capacity to support a sudden and unexpected spike in traffic, the site can slow down or completely go down. Both scenarios result in a poor shopping experience and lost sales for every minute of downtime.

Choosing a solution like Amazon Webstore, which makes dynamic adjustments to bandwidth as needed during high-traffic events, allows for online retailers to worry less about the technical issues that arise with sudden spikes in traffic and focus on the more important business needs instead.

Scale for Inventory

Most business owners anticipate, or at least hope for, some kind of growth or expansion in their business. It’s important to ensure that an eCommerce platform has the flexibility to make changes to the site in an agile way depending on what merchandise a site has in stock.

Manufacturer turned retailer UNIONBAY needed an eCommerce platform with rapid implementation, flexibility for expansion, and high ROI. The company chose Amazon Webstore to help grow their business. “We wanted new sales channels. We started with one line—UNIONBAY—but now we have three,” says Danna Ramberg, Director of IT at UNIONBAY Sportswear. “We recouped our setup costs in no time. Once we had the infrastructure in place, it was a no brainer to expand.”

Scale for Fulfillment

When choosing an eCommerce platform, it’s easy to overlook the final piece of the puzzle: product distribution. Picking, packing, and shipping processes require warehouse space and fulfillment operations that must scale to meet order demands. This type of facility can be extremely cost and time intensive, which is why many retailers, like Element Jewelry, have turned to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) for all of their warehousing and shipping services.

“I was spending five to six hours a day just picking and boxing the orders, printing packing slips, typing up shipping labels, driving to the post office—all while trying to keep up with everything else I had to do,” says Kath Wojtczak of Element Jewelry. “Shipping through Amazon really gave me my freedom back. Now I just send my inventory to Amazon and let the warehouse manage the rest.”

Finding an eCommerce platform that you can rely on day and night can save you time and effort – especially when the eCommerce solution you choose scales with your growing business. To learn more, download our free whitepaper: Scaling Your Online Retail Business.



May 29, 2014
Nicole Jue

Amazon Webstore Review: Pretty Attitude

This post is part of a series reviewing new sites launched on Amazon Webstore.

“For us, a pretty attitude means to live your passion on a daily basis, to dare to be yourself and to live your life your own way.” Inspired by their many travels, love of the rock music scene’s unique style, and above all, their preeminently life‐long friendship, founders Christine and Marina started Pretty Attitude with the dream of turning their passion into a living. Pretty Attitude is a rock fashion online destination for extraordinary women who love to express their unique personality with style.

Company Name: Pretty Attitude

URL: http://www.pretty-attitude.com/

Type of Products: Rock fashion apparel for women.

Solution Provider: Explore Consulting

There are a few things we like about the new site:

Two sides of rock. Pretty Attitude takes a stance as an established eCommerce shop by offering two labels for their apparel: a tough, rock ’n’ roll Black Label and a more subtle and sweet White Label. Click the Black Label in the top navigation, and you’re taken to a homepage with an intense, dark and sexy design. Go to the White Label section of the site, and you’ll see that the design opens up into a light, more angelic feel. This is a clever way to categorize their products so that shoppers who tend to lean towards a specific style of clothing can easily find the style they’re looking for.

Up close and personal. When you visit the product detail pages on this site, you’ll notice that there are several product images offered at different angles, each with roll-over zoom functionality. By using people in product images, shoppers can get a better sense of how the item will fit. The roll-over zoom functionality is also very helpful and helps shoppers appreciate the finer details of the item.

Fashion, music, lifestyle. Pretty Attitude is promoting more than just a particular fashion sense. They’re promoting a lifestyle of edge and excitement; a mentality that “the best way to be original is to be yourself.” The company snatches up the opportunity to be a thought leader in this space with their blog, which is filled with fashion tips, influences from their favorite musicians, and themed photo shoots to use as inspiration for the perfect outfit of any occasion.

“We started with a small collection of hand-picked designs to sell on Amazon.com and found success in that. Because we wanted to build up our own brand, ‘Pretty Attitude’, we decided to launch our own branded Amazon Webstore site. We had already been using Fulfillment by Amazon to ship our orders, so Amazon Webstore was the perfect solution for us because our orders are automatically sent and handled by the Amazon Fulfillment Center. This unique feature makes order and shipping management extremely easy for us. With Amazon Webstore’s help, Pretty Attitude has now emerged as an international rock fashion brand, bringing extraordinary designs and styles to rock wardrobes all over the world.”Christine H., Co-founder of Pretty Attitude.



May 2, 2014
Nicole Jue

Fit Couture Turns to Amazon Webstore to Support Business Growth

Fit Couture, an online design boutique that offers women’s fitness clothing, began its business in 2003 by selling both on Amazon.com and its own website. As the popularity and sales grew, the company’s third-party hosted web platform wasn’t keeping up with demand. The platform was not scalable, did not provide adequate billing capabilities, and required too much time and effort to fix bugs and make changes to the retail website.

Fit Couture found that they were expending most of their efforts on their site’s technical problems, rather than the most important aspects of their business— creating and marketing great products. The company needed two things to streamline its business and free up time for strategy; 1) a highly reliable eCommerce platform that would be simple to implement, and 2) outsourced manufacturing and warehouse functions.

To address these challenges, Fit Couture turned to Amazon Webstore to power a new retail website with robust promotional and billing capabilities, complemented by Fulfillment by Amazon to manage inventory and shipping. Now, the restructured business can handle increased order volume with fewer resources, fewer technical problems, and much less time and effort.

“Amazon Webstore can scale up to any number of customers coming into the store,” says Michael Cerny, owner of Fit Couture. “The platform is so responsive and reliable that it’s never occurred to me to be concerned about the traffic-related performance.”

Cerny believes that the flexibility of Amazon Webstore will offer new business opportunities by easily supporting new clothing lines or, eventually, different product lines altogether. Because the platform is also scalable, he adds that he has no concerns about it handling the expanded product selection. Cerny concludes, “One of the great things about Amazon Webstore is that we’re able to leverage Amazon’s ongoing innovation. They know how to keep up with technological advancements better than we do, but we still get the benefits.”

Learn more about how Fit Couture streamlined their business with Amazon Webstore.


May 2, 2014
Nicole Jue

Amazon Webstore Review: Whimsical Umbrella

This post is part of a series reviewing new sites launched on Amazon Webstore.

With each new family “addition,” this family-owned business develops a deeper passion for gift giving. Whimsical Umbrella knows how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift, which is why they created a place where shoppers can find the perfect something for anyone and everyone. As the business continues to expand its portfolio, the goal to create the best shopping experience for customers remains the same.

Company Name: Whimsical Umbrella

URL: http://www.whimsicalumbrella.com/

Type of Products: Gifts for all!

Solution Provider: Explore Consulting

There are a few things we like about the new site:

Bright and fun design. Whimsical Umbrella has successfully designed a site that’s just as fun and unique as its gift collection. Bright and inviting colors draw customers in and the rotating hero banner on the homepage encourages shoppers to explore the different sections of their eCommerce store.

Who doesn’t love a great deal? Not only does Whimsical Umbrella offer a “Free shipping on orders over $75” promotion to every shopper, but they also send an instant 10% off coupon to anyone who opts-in to their email list. These promotions might be a small sacrifice for the company, but can potentially win customers over and keep them coming back.

Gift ideas for him, her, and we can’t forget about the kids! Whimsical Umbrella has created the perfect

place for shoppers that need to find a special gift for a loved one but have no idea what to get or where to start. With various ways to refine search results and a comprehensive top-level navigation, customers can quickly find that perfect gift for any person or occasion. Whimsical Umbrella knows how important convenience is for online shoppers and does a great job of making their customers’ shopping experience just that.

“Amazon Webstore was the fastest and most convenient choice for us—building our Amazon Webstore site for Whimsical Umbrella was a very easy and quick process.  We also love that we are able to market on both our own branded site and Amazon.com to gain the most exposure and capture as many sales as possible.”Ashley B., Vice President at Whimsical Umbrella


Apr 17, 2014
Nicole Jue

New Amazon Webstore Customer and Cart Information APIs

Amazon Webstore is excited to announce the release of our new Customer and Cart Information APIs.  With these APIs, you can access customer information and shopping cart information for customers on your site.

The Customer Information API gives you access to information about your customers, including customers who have registered but have not yet placed orders and customers with guest accounts

The Cart Information API allows you to gather information about ‘saved for later’ items and items left in the cart, helping you gain better insight into cart abandonment.

These new APIs are part of the Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS). To get started, you will need to register for Amazon MWS to get your developer account IDs and credentials.

Learn more about Amazon Webstore’s new Customer and Cart Information APIs.


Apr 3, 2014
Nicole Jue

Amazon Webstore Review: Restorsea

This post is part of a series reviewing new sites launched on Amazon Webstore.

It all started with “a hike, a hatchery and hands.” Patti Pao, skincare pioneer and founder of Restorsea, recognized an unmet consumer need for gentler anti-aging products that deliver real results, and in a rather unlikely manner. While on a tour of the country’s largest salmon hatchery in western Norway, Patty became transfixed with the youthfulness of the hatchery workers’ hands. Because the workers’ hands were consistently submerged in water, Patti knew where to look for the secret. This is how Patti found Aquabeautine XL®, which she quickly secured exclusive global rights to use in all of Restorsea’s products. Restorsea believes every woman (and man) deserves to have great skin and uses their eCommerce site to share their secret with the world.

Company Name: Restorsea

URL: http://www.restorsea.com/

Type of Products: Beauty, skincare and anti-aging products.

Solution Provider: V-Group

There are a few things we like about the new site:

How can we help you? With the pop-up chat feature offered on every page of their site, it’s clear that Restorsea takes a serious interest in the needs of their customers. If you’re browsing their site and have a question, you can simply click the pop-up chat feature at the bottom right-hand side and a skincare specialist will reply in moments. If it happens to be after their working hours, you can use the pop-up chat feature to submit your question via email.

Look who loves Restorsea. Restorsea has a dedicated page of customer reviews and testimonials including, quotes, videos, and profiles. Each video testimonial plays the full video right on the page as customers share the “what, why, and how” about each of the products they use. This company understands the power of a customer review or testimonial, and their eCommerce site is the perfect place to share them. Beyond the dedicated testimonials page, the site also includes testimonial videos on individual product pages which is a great way to show why customers love a certain product.

“We believe that when you educate, everything changes.” You’ll find this on Restorsea’s list of beliefs—and they sure hold themselves to this standard as they create their product detail pages. Each product page includes a plethora of information, including, a comprehensive overview, instructional videos on how to use the product, a full list of the product’s ingredients, and customer reviews. It’s the perfect one-stop-shop for a shopper who wants to know everything about a product before they make a purchase.

“Amazon Webstore was a great solution for a new brand with limited resources and expertise. We were pleased to find that Amazon Webstore leverages Amazon’s other leading services to be a quick solution for achieving speed-to-market—specifically the integration with Amazon Payments and Fulfillment by Amazon. The website build and launch process was new for us, and as such, posed some challenges, but Amazon Webstore helped us build a site with the design aesthetic we needed to fit our luxury brand. In leveraging a technology giant, we can scale with Amazon.” – Alexandria Pang, Business Strategy Manager, Restorsea.


Apr 3, 2014
Nicole Jue

How UNIONBAY Reached New Customers


We all recognize the name, but what you may not know about UNIONBAY is that the company operated as a strictly wholesale business for many years. When the company decided it was time to open a direct-to-consumer sales channel online, leaders didn’t know what to expect and were nervous.

By choosing a software-as-a-service (SaaS) eCommerce platform, with cloud hosting and payment processing included out-of-the box, UNIONBAY was able to take their products directly to the online consumer with minimal impact to their daily operations. Amazon Webstore helped UNIONBAY launch their new sales channel quickly and enabled the company to do it all without additional resources such as, warehousing, pick and pack fulfillment staffing, shipping, hardware, software, and support personnel to manage those processes.

“We’ve been able to launch and run eCommerce with no staff adds,” says IT Director of UNIONBAY Sportswear, Danna Ramberg. “We have not had to add staff in IT, or merchandising, or customer service. It gives us a chance to focus on the marketing end of it.”

Since their launch on the Amazon Webstore platform, UNIONBAY’s “sales have increased about 400%,” Ramberg adds, “and each month they continue to go up.” In addition to an increase in sales, the company has gained new insights into their customers’ buying behavior which in turn has helped them further customize their online presence to meet customer needs.

Learn more about how UNIONBAY made the jump.

Mar 18, 2014
Nicole Jue

Amazon Webstore’s New Website Customization APIs

Amazon Webstore just released a set of Website Customization APIs that provide you with the flexibility to integrate your Amazon Webstore site with 3rd party applications and systems. These Website Customization APIs support search, browse, product lookup, batch, and cart operations to help you create a unique customer experience on your site.

You can enable these APIs from a self-service interface in Seller Central.  First, log in to Seller Central. Click on “Settings”, then select “Control Panel.” Under “Developer Settings” you’ll see the “Webstore API Management” page. Once you select which of your marketplaces the APIs will be active on, the APIs will be enabled.

Want to learn more? Go here to see our comprehensive documentation page.